Health Exam AUS/CAN/NZ

Due to the corona crisis there are some rules regarding the appointment for the medical examination.

  • come alone and on time;
  • we schedule families per 2 persons to enter the building, other familymembers have to wait outside;
  • If you have symptoms such as a cold, sneezing, coughing, fever, diarrhea and / or other abdominal complaints, then you have to reschedule your appointment.


At the moment we only do the examinations on Tuesday.


For further information see below.



You have received a message from the immigration office that you have to undergo a medical examination for a temporary or permanent visa application for Australia, Canada or New Zealand. This will be performed by doctor Ritz or doctor Stoks.


!!Please note!!
The address where the tests will be done on Tuesdays and Thursdays is different from the address of the Doctors practice.
The address where you will be expected on Tuesdays and Thursdays is:

DCA Klinieken Amsterdam
Tesselschadestraat 4
1054 ET

Step 1: Appointment

Appointments can be made daily, dial 020-6206809. You will be connected with an answering machine. Please give us;


  • Your name
  • For Australia your HAP ID number;
  • For Canada your  UCI or IME number (you will receive this when you have applied for your visa) or that it is about an Upfront Medical Check or Express Entry profile;
  • For New Zealand there you won’t have a file number yet, we will create this for you;
  • The phone number we can reach you on;
  • Your e-mail address.


We will contact you by e-mail with information. Between 14:00 and 17:00 hrs you will be called by the assistant to make an appointment.  The telephone contact in the afternoon is only intended to make an appointment. In connection with ensuring good telephone accessibility for our patients, please contact us with questions true email.


We schedule the appointments in on Tuesdays and Thursdays, by exception this can be during the other week days, then it is at the doctor’s office on the Singel 261.


If you want more information on your need for a medical examination, you can either contact your Migration Office or to the following link of the IRCC website:

We cannot tell you the reason. We won’t get this information.

Step 2: Forms

We would like to ask you to fill in the form below and to take this to the appointment. If this is not possible, you can also send this to us by e-mail. Please indicate the date and time of your appointment.


If it is about an Upfront Medical check of Express Entry Profile for Canada or a medical examination for New Zealand for several people, we ask you to complete the form for the relevant country for each person separately and a copy of all passports to forward to us by mail.


We will create a file for you then before you come to the appointment, so you don’t have to wait that long.

Step 3: The examination

During the appointment you will first be seen by one of our assistants. She will do the administrative part. We will ask you for your passport. You have to identify yourself with your passport, this can only deviate from this after consultation.


They also take a picture of you. You don’t have to bring a passport photo.


You will be asked to go to the toilet, because we need to check your urine. This is checked for blood, sugar and proteins. Please note: this applies to children from 5 years. You can eat and drink prior to the appointment.


Then you will be seen by one of our panel doctors, dr Ritz (M) or dr Stoks (F). It is possible that the client has to needs to undress till their underwear for the physical examination. If you wish there is a possibility to bring a chaperone to the appointment. For the women aged over 40 years, there can be a medical reason to examine the breast. Please keep this in mind when coming to the appointment.


Please bring the consultation books(GGD) of children under the age of 5.


Do you have a chronic illness and / or do you use medication? Then read “Specialist letter’.


Depending on your visa, there will also be a chest x-ray and / or blood test. That will be done at the same place, the same morning in the DC clinic Amsterdam. The entire exam (including taking blood samples and chest x-ray) takes an average of 1 hour (depending on the waiting time it may take a little longer).

Step 4: Specialist letter

If you have or had in the past a chronic/serious illness or a congenital condition illness, we ask you to bring a letter in English from the relevant treating specialist. This should include the diagnosis, the treatment so far, the result and the prognosis for the long term.

You should also take any chronic medication with the accompanying letter from your doctor.


Note that all of this must be in English!


If it is necessary to submit a doctor’s letter, we would like to ask you to do this as soon as possible. This is because we have to complete your file within a certain period of time. The deadlines are as follows:

  • Canada: within 10 days of the appointment.
  • New Zealand: within 30 days of the appointment
  • Australia: within 30 days of the appointment.


However, keep in mind that the immigration service sometimes gives a period within which they must receive the file. If this period is shorter than described above, it must be adhered to!


If we have not received the information within this period, the file will be submitted incomplete and sent to the immigration service.

Step 5: Cost

The costs for the Medical examinations for Australia, Canada and New Zealand are described below.  You can pay with card (Debit, MasterCard or Visa) or cash.


Costs examination:

Up to 13 years €75,-
14 years and older €150,-


Costs chest x-ray

From 11 years €85,-


From 11 to 14 years, a medical examination and a chest x-ray are required.

All examinations are required from the age of 15. These costs are described below.



Medical Examination and chest x-ray €235,-
Medical Examination, chest x-ray and HIV €280,-
Medical Examination, chest x-ray, HIV and Hep B & C €330,-

Above costs apply to clients who are 15 and older.

  • From the age of 11, a chest x-ray is required.
  • Additional blood tests required from the age of 15.

The examinations depend on the type of visa. This is determined by the immigration service. We can see which examinations are required when we open the file (with the HAP ID number).




Medical examination, chest x-ray, HIV, Lues and kidneyfunction. €330

Above costs apply to clients who are 15 and older.

  • From the age of 11, a chest x-ray is required.
  • Additional blood tests required from the age of 15.

The above examinations are required for all visas (based on age).


New Zealand

Limited Medical Examination €280,-
General Medical Examination €370,-

Above costs apply to clients who are 15 and older.

  • From the age of 11, a chest x-ray is required.
  • Additional blood tests required from the age of 15.

Step 6: Rounding and summary

If all the results are in and no abnormalities found, the health examinations will be, after completion in the E-Medical system, directly send to the Immigration Service. A copy of the file will be sent to the client afterwards by email.


After we have completed your file and sent it to the immigration service, it will be assessed by the doctors there. There is a possibility that they would like more medical information. You will then receive a message about this yourself. Please contact us then.


We will let you know what additional information and/or investigations have been requested by the immigration service.

This additional examinations/information must be reported in English by your attending physician. We must receive this report within 4 weeks of the request. If this is not possible for certain reasons, this can be deviated from in consultation. If not, we will complete the file incomplete after 4 weeks.

Bring with you:

  • Passport;
  • Form with the requested information;
  • For Australia your HAP ID number (referral letter);
  • For Canada your IME or UCI number (in case you have already applied);
  • There is no number for New Zealand, we will make a file for you.
  • Doctor’s letter (if necessary).
  • For children under 5 years the booklet from the consultation office.

See you at the clinic!

Step 7: Frequently asked questions

How long is the waiting time for making an appointment?

– We aim to schedule an appointment within 1 to 1,5 weeks. The examinations take place every Tuesday- and Thursday morning.

What is the processing time of the examination?

– If the patient is healthy and no abnormalities are found during the examinations, we can submit the examination in 3 to 4 working days in the E-medical system and send it to the immigration office.

Should a patient needs to fast before the examination?

– No,  you may eat and drink.

Does the patient receive a copy of the E-medical file?

– Yes, once we have completed the file in the E-medical system, the client will receive an email to check the email address. If the e-mail is answered by the client that the e-mail address is correct then we will send a PDF document with the results.

Should a under-aged client come with guidance (<16 y/o)?

– Yes, a parent / guardian must come so the client declaration can be signed.

I only have to do a chest x ray examination, what is the procedure now? (Only for New Zealand)

– In this case, the patient can go to the DC Clinic without appointment with his passport, debit card (at least € 85), and the e-mail indicating that only a chest x ray is required. They will create a case in the E-medical system and the result of the chest x ray will be added to this file.  You can visit the DC Kliniek Amsterdam every working day without an appointment from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The address is: Tesselschadestraat 4, 1054 ET in Amsterdam.

PLEASE NOTE: because of the corona measures, it is currently necessary to schedule an appointment at the DC Kliniek. Please contact location Tesselschadestraat to book the appointment.

What should be done with the “Information sheet”?

– The “Information Sheet” is the form that the E-medical system prints out after creating a personal case for the client. This form is given to the client with the explanation that this is important to send with the application. The information sheet is proof that the examination has been done and is the connection between the patient and the E-medical case.

Urine must be checked from the age of  5 years, on what will the urine be checked?

– Erythrocytes = Red Blood cells

– Cells Protein = Protein

– Glucose = Sugar

Does anything have to be taken for children?

– For children up to 5 years old, the consultation book from the GGD must be taken.

Do you also need to take a chest x ray during pregnancy?

If a women is pregnant we don’t do a chest x-ray. In this case we put a file ‘on hold’ and the chest x-ray has to be done when the woman has given birth. The client has to arrange this by herself. By New Zealand and Australia it is possible to go there and do the x-ray over there after giving birth. It is not possible to go to Canada before the x-ray has been done. 

Are the costs reimbursed by the health insurer?

The costs are not reimbursed by the insurance, because it is for a voluntary trip. It is not required from medical insights.

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